About Us

Company Background

P2P Rocket is engaged in developing powerful, cutting-edge software to provide a safe, reliable, overall unique user experience. Its trademark product, P2P Rocket which runs both on the decentralized Gnutella Network and eDonkey network currently enjoys worldwide popularity in the peer-to-peer file sharing communities. P2P Rocket is a top name for ground-breaking peer-to-peer software engineering and solutions in the file sharing industry. The company’s leading position in the file sharing industry is due to its great number of Java experts and programmers. 

The P2P Rocket team has employed the latest technology to ease up the connection to the Gnutella Network. The P2P Rocket aims at enabling and speeding up the development of advanced features on the network, avoiding bandwidth throttling problems and helping users getting the best experience connecting to the Gnutella Network. 

P2P Rocket is based on open source technology under the General Public License (GPL) and very conveniently, ii works on all major operating systems.