Forget fancy look – this one simply gets your wanted files on your PC quicker, safer and free.This p2p client addresses those who want simplicity and functionality in one program. P2P rocket comes with a permissive user interface, so that you can choose what best suits your needs. You can change these options at any time.

P2P Rocket offers:

  • Normal mode – simple, easy to use menus and buttons.
  • Power mode – provides a bunch of extra commands, windows, for advanced users (it may be a little too complex for begginers).
  • Display basic download progress bars (reduces cpu use)
  • Handle torrent links

It’s no trouble if you want to change your settings after configuration, you can run the QuickStart wizard by selecting it from the Tools menu. Furthermore, you can choose to start p2p rocket every time windows starts or connect to the network every time you start p2p rocket.

The P2P Rocket Settings Manager is quite flexible allowing users to completely customize their P2P Rocket behaviour. The settings in General section concern the user experience. For instance:

  • General – common user interface settings like tooltips, minimize behaviour, number formats, prompts, etc.
  • Library – presentation and management of the library, and opening files.
  • Media player – when and where to use the built-in P2P Rocket Media Centre.
  • Community – your profile, chat and instant messaging settings. – you can use your user profile to share information about yourself, your interests and recommended files and websites with others.

The program also includes a P2P Rocket Remote Access feature which makes it possible for you to leave P2P Rocket running on your computer and control it remotely using a web browser. However, you will need to be able to accept incoming connections to use this feature.

Additionally, you can use the P2P Rocket scheduler to set times for connection and downloading files.


All main options available are presented to you near the top of the application with tabs sorting out your options. You will at once get the feeling that P2P Rocket is all about indulging the user’s preferences.

The treat doesn’t stop there – you can integrate P2P Rocket with your web browser to accept peer-to-peer links and download content.

P2P Rocket not only comes Free of charge but promises NO ads, adware or spyware bundled!

Main features:

  • Very fast downloads from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Automatic resume feature enables the completion of all set off downloads
  • Advanced Search – all types of media files
  • Highly intuitive and easy -to-use interface
  • Access and view your friends shared files
  • Chat with friends as downloading
  • Bandwidth controls
  • Configurable Content Filter
  • Built-in Media Player with playlists and full-screen preview mode
  • Download scheduler  
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